Top 5 Songs – November 2020

Another month being inside. Music still dominates my life and it’s a fantastic way to keep sane and just enjoy those moments in our life that just need bit of noise.

Here are some more songs to add to your J-Music playlists, hope you enjoy them!

Here is my list for November 2020. Enjoy!

KureiYuki’s with DAZBEE – The day sound vanished from our life

The day sound vanished from our life, 2020

A wholesome song from a band I have yet to start listening to. Finding new artists to listen to is the main reason I love writing these music blogs, and KureiYuki’s is a brand new band for 2020 that I’m totally getting behind. The theme behind their band is to spread some joy in this year when a lot of us really need it, which you can read all about in their Youtube bio. This song is just lovely to listen to really, and just reminded me of having a perfect day in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo with my mates.

the peggies – Kimi no Sei

Bunny Girl Senpai, CloverWorks, 2018

I have written about a few female-fronted J-rock bands already, and the peggies are quite possibly the most well known of the bunch. With over 9 million plays on Spotify for this single alone, the opening song from Bunny Girl Senpai is one I’ve definitely been sleeping on, and they have a really great discography of energetic rock music. Anything catchy and upbeat gets into my top lists very easily!

[Alexandros] – Watoridori

A.L.X.D, 2015

Staying on the rock vibe but changing it up a little bit, this hot, hot single from Watoridori is a smash hit. With 40 million plays under it’s belt, it’s easy to see why. It’s a real pick-me-up kind of song, which is definitely the theming of this month’s choices. It reminds me heavily of songs I enjoy from bands such as American Authors or Air Traffic Controller, but obviously with that enthralling Japanese influence.



Fed up of idol groups yet? Tough. Here’s another one for you.
From the band that provided opening themes for Black Clover and Fairy Tail, ‘Brand-new idol SHiT’ comes at you with an incredibly fast and highly charged destruction of noise. This is definitely much more in the area of punk rock, and the video is one of my favourites so far since I have begun writing these blogs.

Orangestar with IA – Henceforth

Henceforth, 2020

I have only written about a handful of Vocaloid songs up to this point, and not many feature in my playlists. I came across this song by Orangestar on the suggested songs list and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s soft and poetic, and not too intense compared to perhaps other Vocaloid artists like DECO*27. If anything, I wished I had heard this during the summer, as it definitely has a refreshing feel as you listen to it, with it’s upbeat piano melody and the ever-energetic vocals.

You can listen to this months songs, and previous months, and much more, by following my Shinjuku Sounds playlist.

Let me know down below what songs you have been listening to this month. Hit me up with some recommendations!

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