Top 5 Songs – October 2020

The spooky month has been and gone. As the nights grow long and dark, we approach that part of the year where we get cosy in our homes and listen to some good tunes.

That’s what I’m here for, as it is time for your next installment of Japanese music to enjoy and hopefully add to your playlists!

Here is my list for October 2020. Enjoy!


ALICE, 2020

One of my favourite albums of the year, MIGMA SHELTER have produced some of the best sounds I’ve ever heard. My highlight song is Egg Head, which you can listen to from 14:00 into the video. That being said, I think the whole album is worth a listen. This is an idol album that has such a wide range of different stuff going on across every song, yet they’ve definitely made this sound their own.

supercell – My Dearest

Guilty Crown, Production I.G, 2011

This is a very famous song from a very well-known anime. It’s not intended to introduce you to something new, but I wanted to include it this month for the main reason that, I am really loving watching Guilty Crown. I think it’s a brilliant show and I’m really hooked into it. Also, when a show has a brilliant song like this to open it up, you’re completely invested into the story. It’s one of the main reasons I do really love anime, having these songs that leave a lasting memory.


Telescope, 2020

Just scraping in the month of October, MAN WITH A MISSION have released a new single and it’s a banger. It reminds me a lot of my favourite MWAM single, Winding Road, which was used as an opening for Golden Kamuy. This single could fit in to an anime similar to that, and if it was, I’d be sold.

THERE THERE THERES – ペリカン (Pelican)

Bricks, 2018

One reason I like writing these articles is that I love sharing songs that are really obscure. When they appear on my Spotify suggestions, I always give them a chance. THERE THERE THERES sounds very much like idol bands I’ve featured here before, such as Necronomidol and KAQRIYOTERROR. This song, translated to Pelican, is their most popular song to date, yet the only video I could find is one of a live concert so enjoy it with some shouty gents.

The Sixth Lie – Yuusetsu

Golden Kamuy, Geno Studio, 2020

I’ve been known to have some debatable tastes when it comes to the shows I like, with my name used as way to describe them as a separate genre completely, much to the amusement of my friends.

However I sit here writing this article wearing one of my much-loved Golden Kamuy shirts from Uniqlo, as this show became one of my favourite anime series of all time. The ending for the newest season comes from the band that did the closing music back in the first season. The Sixth Lie, along with MWAM, are the bands I most associate with this show, alongside the amazing Eastern Youth. This show could not have picked better songs and bands to represent this incredible show.

You can listen to this months songs, and previous months, and much more, by following my Shinjuku Sounds playlist.

Let me know down below what songs you have been listening to this month. Hit me up with some recommendations!

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