Top 5 Songs – September 2020

This year is flying by. We’ve really seen the world go by whilst being stuck indoors. From blustery spring days, to hot summer evenings, and now to rainy Autumn nights. Definitely needed my umbrella with the recent downpours here in the UK!

Anyways, it is time for your next installment of Japanese music to enjoy and hopefully add to your playlists!

Here is my list for September 2020. Enjoy!

Mia REGINA – I got it!

Appare-Ranman!, 2020

I’ve finally got round to watching some more anime! Covid-19 postponed the airing of some shows from the Spring Season, and this was a show that really caught my eye. Appare-Ranman is a mix between Wacky Racers and Steel Ball Run, mixed with exciting fights and brilliant comedy moments. The opening, by Mia REGINA, is used at the start to summarise the previous episode and hits with that pumping guitar intro and gets you ready for a wild time!

Perfume – Time Warp

Time Warp, 2020

Another song from 2020, this time a really cool catchy technopop song from Perfume. Don’t ask any questions on what’s going on, but this video is also really fun to watch. I guess it resembles what an M.C Ecsher painting would look like if you slapped it with J-pop and pastels. Perfume have a really strong discography which I have been enjoying diving into, and I do think I have been sleeping on this group. Maybe they will feature again some day, should they continue making fun, chirpy bangers like this one.

KAQRIYOTERROR- The Forbidden Masturbating

Culture Mixing, 2020

Okay first of all, don’t be too alarmed by the title of this one. I love finding bands that are making music like this. It’s almost feels like there’s no limits, and you just know that if you were to see this music live, it’s going to be one hell of a concert. This electronic rock from the band, previously known as Kaqriyo Terror Architect, is a real breathe of fresh air for me. Their new album, Avant-Garde 0 point, is one I’m yet to have a full listen of, but I’m most certainly looking forward to it.

THYME – forever we can make it!

To Love Ru, Xebec, 2008

This song. I hate that I like it. One game of AMQ brings this up from a mate’s list, and it hooks me in. I really don’t why I like it so much, maybe because it reminded me of similar bands back then, like Paramore, maybe a bit of Avril Lavigne. I don’t know! Argh, just enjoy it with me and let’s move on. They don’t make any music anymore…

Nano – Dreamcatcher

Magical Girl Raising Project, Lerche, 2016

I just could not leave this song out. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat all month, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I only previously knew her Btoom! opening No pain, No game, but not much about the anime that this is the ending for, which frankly, will be very unlikely to be on my completed list anytime soon (I have heard good things, so maybe it’s worth checking out for yourself! Just not the biggest fan of magical girl shows…)
Nano is skilled in singing in both English and Japanese, a talent which she uses in this powerful and breathtaking song. Whilst this song was written in 2016, a greatest hits album titled I has released this year, which I highly recommend you giving a listen to!

You can listen to this months songs, and previous months, and much more, by following my Shinjuku Sounds playlist.

Let me know down below what songs you have been listening to this month. Hit me up with some recommendations!

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