Top 5 Songs – August 2020

It’s time for another fix of Japanese tunes that have been on repeat this month, as we start leaving summer behind and approaching the autumn.

This installment brings more genres for you to enjoy and hopefully add to your playlists!

Here is my list for August 2020. Enjoy!

The Fire and Forest Carnival – SEKAI NO OWARI


Imagine a warm, summers night celebrating the beautiful weather and good times with friends. As hard as that might be given the crazy year we’ve all had, a night like this would be amazing, and this would provide the perfect soundtrack to that. SEKAI NO OWARI, translated as ‘End of the World’ are considered of one of the biggest music acts in Japan, and it’s about time they featured on one of my articles.

I am not maternal – Otoboke Beaver

I am not maternal, 2020

There’s always a spot for punk on these lists. Forming in 2009 as a punk-rock garage quartet from Kyoto, Otoboke Beaver’s first single of 2020 is as a fast-paced mush of noise, which really feels like it could fit into a 90s skateboarding game. This is the case for many of their songs, such as their most popular single, datsu, hikage no onna.

Afterglow – Yanakoto Sotto Mute

Yanakoto Sotto Mute, 2020

I’m carrying on my search of music from 2020, seeking out new-ish bands that are relatively obscure compared to some of the names I’ve featured in previous articles, hopefully so I can somewhat spread their awareness and recommend them for a listen. This ballad, with tones of grunge, from Yanakoto Sotto Mute, is a worthwhile song to listen to.


Hyperdimension Neptunia, David Production, 2013

I can’t avoid putting in a song from an anime, so here’s the one I’m featuring for this month. NEPUTYUUNU SAGASHITE is the ending song for Hyperdimension Neptune. Not sure if I will get round to watching this one, but it’s safe to say the soundtrack is very, very good. Catchy innit!

Dream Island Obsessional Park – Susumu Hirasawa

Paranoia Agent, Madhouse, 2004

A song from an anime I’m actually watching! Yes, I’m finishing my list of Satoshi Kon works, and this is the last one I need to get round to. The music is all done by the legend Susumu Hirasawa, which makes this all the better. I will definitely update the site on how I found the anime too!

Let me know down below what songs you have been listening to this month. Hit me up with some recommendations!

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