Binge on Titan: A Yeager-bomb

Completing a binge-watch of a show can be a strange ordeal. It can feel so easy when watching a live-action show on Netflix, or a genuine stamina-reducing ordeal if you know you need to be in it for the long haul.

In my previous experiences, a binge-watch of an anime just consists of 12 episodes which you can do in an evening without too much of an issue.

However, it’s a well known fact amongst my friends that I haven’t really picked up any of the big shows in anime, which is usually partnered with many pleas for me to pick them up.

That being said, last year I picked up the dub of Demon Slayer on Netflix and completed it in a weekend, right before the release of Mugen Train. It pleasantly surprised me how good it turned out to be. That being said, it is one of the most popular shows ever so there must have been a good reason why. After Demon Slayer, it was time for something else.

That brings us to Attack on Titan. With The Final Season Part 2 now airing, I thought it would be a good idea to get on this show to enjoy the end of the story with everyone else who may have followed the franchise for over a decade.

This won’t be a massive review into the show or anything like that, just a quick personal experience with how I have found it.

It has taken me just 5 days to get through it all, coinciding with normal day-to-day life of course, I’m not a machine. 75 episodes amounting to roughly 30 hours of anime has meant my week has been dominated by colossal monsters, political drama and some banging soundtracks.

The show has received rave reviews and I completely understand why. It has exceptional fight scenes and a setting that I really want to get invested in, understanding the conflicts of the world and all the characters that live in it.

I think however one flaw of binge-watching a show like Attack on Titan is that some of the more politically based episodes, especially through the first part of the third season, really dragged and I was really struggling to keep attention of what was taking place, not to mention all the countless character flashbacks. I understand this for main characters you have an investment in from the start, but others who are introduced in The Final Season, I just did not have time for that, and I wanted to get to the endgame as soon as possible.

This is the thing, if you had followed the show from the very start and watched week-by-week, you’d be excited for the next weeks show, you’d get a good portion of storyline each episode to keep you satisfied enough, which is what you want from a show. I can see that’s how Attack on Titan has been the immensely popular show that it is.

I do think I will enjoy seeing the conclusion of the main course that is Attack on Titan, and I am aware there is more to come after that, so I’m ready for all the desserts!

Score Reviews:

Attack on Titan: 7/10
Attack on Titan Season 2: 8/10
Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1: 7/10
Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: 8/10
Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 1: 8/10

Best Opening: My War – Shinsei Kamattechan

Best Ending: Yugure no Tori – Shinsei Kamattechan

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